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In July our 8th Network Science & Artificial Intelligence Lab took place which originally started in 2013. It has been a very rewarding month. This year 6 young lab members joined us in Kronberg and were introduced to SONEAN’s Ecosystem…

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Upcoming Ecosystem Intelligence Seminar

SONEAN was invited by Uhlenbruch, the sole CFA Institute accredited conference provider in Germany, to carry out a unique seminar which will take place on 11 October 2016 in Frankfurt. Executive managers, non-executive directors and investors alike are currently facing…

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New Startup Investor App

Selected Insights into the SONEAN Investor-Startup Ecosystem SONEAN is constantly monitoring over 5000 startup companies across Europe and beyond, and their ties to over 1000 relevant investors from across the world, including a wide range of investor types. Data The…

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CFA Institute covers SONEAN

This article/interview with the CFA Institute provides relevant insights for the application of social network analysis (SNA) in the investment decision making process. In the next 5-10 years SNA will complement financial and non-financial (ESG) analytics and help to make…

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