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AGCUMEN – Your Gateway to the Agricultural Ecosystem

“Leveraging our unique Ecosystem Intelligence to provide you answers about the agricultural sector and related technology/machinery worldwide so that you can make better informed and data-driven decisions“

Ecosystem Intelligence in agriculture

Since 2015 SONEAN has been monitoring the global agricultural network on a daily basis covering today over 20,000 + organizations across 150+ markets around the world in a highly interconnected manner. Agriculture is of great importance to our societies and understanding the network in which companies, producers, farmers, governments, universities, and all kinds of entities are operating is crucial to identify opportunities and threats globally but also provide superior intelligence to make better informed decisions. Agriculture for us however is a much broader concept as it touches so many other industries, and stakeholders including governments which of course form a crucial part of our network model. Our agricultural ecosystem encompasses the entire value chain from farm to fork, and all kinds of technologies/machines used and in development across the world. We not only understand the networks in which producers, OEMs, universities, intermediaries (such as importers, distributors, and dealers) operate and what technology they use but also monitor latest state of the art technology, even when it is still in the prototype or idea stage. Linking our organizational network model in agriculture to daily developments from across the world we generate unique insights, and identify patterns, and developments which otherwise would remain hidden. Our proprietary technology and process allows us to analyze 7-year data in an unparalleled way.

Network model (daily updated) consisting of 20,000+ organizations globally in the agricultural ecosystem
primary sources monitored using network model based indexation and search
Over 150,000 signals per week coming from the ecosystem
Over 55,000,000 signals analyzed since 2015 from 150+ countries
Dedicated agriculture and technology/machinery team for 7 years

You ask, we answer

With AGCUMEN we leverage our unique Ecosystem Intelligence in agriculture and related technologies as well as relevant experience to provide tailored answers to all kinds of questions, whether:

  1. you want to understand your competitors on a global scale, and particularly in a specific area, e.g. in relation to the alliances they enter into, latest products they launch, markets they enter, strategies they work on or campaigns they run
  2. you want to identify state of the art technology and innovations which are going to disrupt the ag space
  3. you want detailed, and connected intelligence about particular companies (potential customers, alliance partners), countries, organizations in general. This could be related e.g. to potential clients such as producers, and the type of technology they use, and brands they are committed to
  4. you aim to develop a country, region specific or global strategy to position your organization within the agricultural value chain
  5. you want to understand the tactical and strategic moves of all kinds of market participants by country, region or even globally

You might even be an investor or policy maker looking for unique intelligence to make better informed decisions. Our AGCUMEN service will provide you unparalleled insights which will assist you in making much better informed and data-driven decisions.


AGCUMEN leverages our agricultural team´s skills but also our unique technology and data to provide companies along the agricultural value chain (plus investors, M&A advisors, research institutions such as universities, policy makers/governments alike, etc.) answers to pressing and crucial questions, and assist them in taking data-driven decisions. The noun acumen “comes from the Latin word acumen, meaning “a point,” or “sting.” If you are able to make pointed decisions, if you have a sharp intellect, if you make good strategic moves, if you are successful in your field, or if your business instincts are spot-on, you have acumen” (source: www.vocabulary.com) AGCUMEN is based on acumen and applied to the agricultural industry covering the entire ecosystem, and all kinds of technologies from traditional agricultural machinery (like tractors, harvesters, sprayers, implements, irrigation systems, and many others), latest precision technology using also AI (the hardware and software), robots, drones, alternative energy and engines including electrification, hybrid, hydrogen, and all kinds of technologies in the pipeline. We thus look at agriculture and technology holistically knowing also the networks in which companies are embedded.

What differentiates us?

The main difference of our AGCUMEN service is the 7-year track record in advanced network monitoring of the entire agricultural machinery space worldwide including latest advances in alternative proteins, graintech, foodtech, and all other relevant changes affecting the ecosystem. We base our service on a sound knowledge of the industry, with dedicated agriculture related team members, and unique, highly structured, and networked data which allows us to get unparalleled insights into the ecosystem at a fraction of traditional resources. While other organizations rely on traditional ad-hoc researches we can base our insights on unique, and highly connected network data along the knowledge graph we created, and update every day with over 150,000 signals monitored every week for the last 7 years.

Please reach out to us to see how we can help you in taking better, data-driven decisions, and provide you with unique and connected insights!
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