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In July our 8th Network Science & Artificial Intelligence Lab took place which originally started in 2013. It has been a very rewarding month. This year 6 young lab members joined us in Kronberg and were introduced to SONEAN’s Ecosystem Intelligence which builds on latest advances in Network Science & Artificial Intelligence.

The lab members were involved in modeling multiple ecosystems of companies in the agricultural machinery, automotive as well as sportswear industry, i.e. mapping out their supply chain, and other relevant networks as a basis for a solid search and monitoring process which would allow them to detect dynamically crucial developments across the network globally.

The training part focused on:

  1. Network Analysis/Science – its past , presence and future, and crucial role in latest advances in artificial intelligence
  2. Artificial Intelligence – Its development in the last 60-70 years and the main areas including machine learning, natural language processing, and robotics
  3. Machine Learning ML – Its application and diverse approaches such as supervised, unsupervised, and reinforcement ML
  4. Natural Language Processing – With main focus on machine translation, machine search, and also on human computer interaction using natural languages
  5. Autonomous vehicles / Robotics – With deep insights into the latest technologies being applied, including the individual components used
  6. Digitalization and Platform Strategies
  7. Building an Ecosystem Intelligence process from identifying the global network in which companies operate to cloud based solutions which provide a single language, highly structured global intelligence platform

We look so much forward to our 9th Network Science & AI Lab in 2021, and especially to welcoming our existing and new lab members again. The Lab was introduced to share our network analytic view of the world, and ensure that we can identify and train young people from diverse backgrounds (including high school, Bachelor, Master, and Doctoral students) over many years to not only assume relevant roles in the future but also potentially join our organization as well as SONEAN`s network by understanding our perspective and way of working very well. Welcome tomorrow !

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