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The future of actionable intelligence Empowering decision makers with a single, global and dynamic intelligence solution.

one language

Decision makers receive our global ecosystem intelligence in one target language and no longer have to deal with dozens or hundreds of individual source languages. Over time data can be queried and analyzed using a single language standard.

one global platform

Our clients had to rely on numerous different intelligence sources historically, being dependent on local providers, and facing huge real and substantial opportunity costs. Ecosystem Intelligence provides one global platform to identify relevant opportunities and threats dynamically across the world.

one standard

Data, over time, is structured in a way, that it can be queried, and analysed in a unique manner and clients no longer have to cope with different standards of data they receive.


We monitor our client`s ecosystem continously, and relevant developments affect the way we adapt our research and ecosystem model, the system is learning, and not static.

network science based

Our Ecosystem modeling process is network science based and draws on numerous networks between entities of individual sectors we look at. The networks are adapted daily and provide the basis for our research engine. We thus are guided by the importance of relevant entities within a sector`s ecosystem, and devote our attention to those entities who matter.

360-degree view

To understand a complex system you need to know how the individual parts are connected. Network Science, and linking data over time, using also locational, data provides us unique perspectives. The Ecosystem Intelligence grows over time and provides unparalleled insights as well as a holistic perspective which top decision makers need to make informed decisions.

Why Ecosystem Intelligence?

We develop a customized ecosystem model for our client serving as a basis for the monitoring of the entire competitive and external environment globally, in which our client`s organization is embedded. We thus don`t look at companies in isolation but consider the key entities and their prior as well as existing ties to understand interdependencies and better predict future developments. 

The intelligence is delivered in one language (all relevant developments across the world, even though in potentially dozens of languages, are translated into English or the preferred language of the client such as e.g. German).

The client receives one standard/one platform to inform all relevant actors in the company leading to one company with one core intelligence source.

Our intelligence includes key insights (related to clients, competitors and other relevant stakeholders or to external factors), the context in which developments in the competitive and external environment unfold and how they are connected with each other, and the strategic implications for the client and its international operations.

Our client has SONEAN as main intelligence partner and reduces complexity and costs greatly, receiving much higher quality intelligence at a fraction of existing opportunity and real costs. Data is structured, researched, and connected in a way that companies receive a dynamic, connected and 360-degree view of the global sector in which they operate in.

If an organization operates in more than one hundred countries it needs to find a way to create one intelligence platform, in a single language with independent insights for the whole global marketplace.

This platform, like our ecosystem intelligence, has to provide dynamic intelligence related to all opportunities, and threats that emerge across the world in a given sector, ecosystem, in which thecompany is active.

This also means to go beyond the scope of traditional intelligence to create, analyze and monitor a perpetually improving, and dynamically adjusted map of the company`s entire global ecosystem by applying social, organizational, and meta-network related analysis and connecting data in a unique manner.

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