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7th Network Science & AI Lab

We just completed our 7th annual Network Science & AI Lab (formerly SNA Lab) with 8 students joining our office in Kronberg (vicinity of Frankfurt) during the whole of July.

The Lab was founded in 2013 aiming to reach an international audience of students interested in Network Science and also narrow AI (particularly machine learning, natural language processing, and automation), but also the role of digitalization in general, and the emergence of platform technologies. The Lab focuses not only on the theoretical background but provides a framework for understanding the crucial role of network science in the overall change process, and how it will affect AI related research in the future.

Our lab members also got the opportunity to apply their knowledge to crucial sectors, and data sets, and get a deep understanding of the individual AI disciplines which have been around and evolving for almost 60 years. They learned to separate the wheat from the chaff, get a realistic picture of what`s possible and what not, and apply that knowledge in the context of our Ecosystem Intelligence which we created in 2015, and continuously developed since then using state of the art network scientific thinking blending it with the capacity that (narrow) AI has brought about, particularly in machine learning but also areas like search, and semantic analysis.

The message is clear, there is a huge hype around AI with most people even not knowing what the latest technological advances can offer us. This hype is linked to “wind in the sails” that comes from too much liquidity chasing investments, and particularly risky ones such as in the AI space. Similar to previous “AI winters”, and major corrections such as in the 80s, and 2000, there will certainly be another major correction coming up soon. The Network Science & AI Lab aims to provide our young colleagues the skill sets, and the knowledge to understand the field, and the major convergence taking place, and apply that intelligence in their future careers. It also helps us to identify our future colleagues, and expand the network of people who have a solid understanding of the dynamics. Above all they learn how to do proper research, and understand what it takes to analyze data.

We look forward to our 8th Network Science & AI Lab in 2020, and enjoyed it greatly to meet so many bright young people who can now contribute to a more balanced discussion when it comes to Network Science and (narrow) AI and apply that knowledge to real life phenomena. Welcome tomorrow!

SONEAN - Social Network Analysis (SNA) Lab 2017

In order to create greater awareness but more importantly identify future colleagues, we initiated the SNA Lab (Social Network Analysis Lab) in 2013 to train young talented people in network science and specifically its application to organizational challenges. Our SNA Lab members either work with us part-time during their entire studies or join us during the summer breaks for several months throughout their studies, and form a vital part of our research and intelligence activities. Below you will find selected insights into our lab ins 2017,2014, and 2013.


SNA Lab at SONEAN 2014

At SONEAN our aim is to move our clients beyond financial and non-financial (ESG) data in order to spot risks and opportunities in a profoundly new way. We bring the social network perspective into their decision making processes and as a strategy consultant help them to use network analytic insights in their investment related and organizational decisions.

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SNA Lab at SONEAN 2013

As part of our goal to develop people with entirely new perspectives and our plan to identify future employees for our organization, we have created the Social Network Analysis Lab (SNA Lab) which Selma Peters, Erik Strauch and Lukas Macner have embarked on from July-August 2013.

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