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Connecting The Nodes – Sonean GmbH – Ecosystem Intelligence – The Future of Actionable Intelligence
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About us

SONEAN is an ecosystem intelligence solution firm. Based in the vicinity of Frankfurt, Germany, SONEAN serves corporate decision makers worldwide.

We provide our clients and their boards with relevant, connected and dynamic intelligence about the ecosystems in which they operate globally, and, thus, empower them to make much better and informed decisions. SONEAN`s view is that in order to understand complex systems, one needs to know the ties that connect the individual entities within a system.

Award winning intelligence team
Global scope
Large network analytic resources
Long standing track record

A typical ecosystem intelligence model
for a client can include

global organizations
primary sources monitored
relevant signals per week
opportunities & threats communicated per week after a solid peer review

We thus manage complexity greatly for our clients, and ensure that major opportunities and threats, emerging across the world, are identified early on, and communicated immediately in a single language.

SONEAN Whitepaper Dezember 2017

Decision makers drown in information but are thirsty for actionable intelligence

Chief Intelligence Officer of SONEAN, Dr. Murat Ünal, shares his thoughts on how we can use technology to free up our true potential and intelligence. “It is this complementary link of our latest advances in research & technology, with our human capacity, that will play the crucial role in the future”, Murat says.

Ecosystem Intelligence Process

  • 1.
    Building a tailored ecosystem model

    Building a tailored ecosystem model

    A sector like agricultural machinery can include over 15,000 key institutions across 120 + jurisidictions.

  • 2.
    Developing the network based research process

    Developing the network based research process

    Based on over 15,000 key institutions, an network based indexation can easily include over 100,000 primary and relevant source to be monitored.

  • 3.
    Complexity Management

    Complexity Management

    40,000-50,000 relevant signals from the ecosystem are identified weekly and through a filtering process combined with daily peer reviews reduced to the most relevant 100 opportunities and threats for the client.

  • 4.
    Intelligence provision

    Intelligence provision

    The client receives the latest intelligence in a single language and can tap into a unique reservoir of data concerning the entire global ecosystem in the sector. Over the time the insights become more powerful.

  • 5.
    Learning system

    Learning system

    The insights generated help to adapt the model, and the underlying assumptions on a daily basis, and thus lead to increased quality over time.

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