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New Startup Investor App

Selected Insights into the SONEAN Investor-Startup Ecosystem

SONEAN is constantly monitoring over 5000 startup companies across Europe and beyond, and their ties to over 1000 relevant investors from across the world, including a wide range of investor types.

The app provides a selected overview of 50 central (in terms of number of investors) Berlin-based startups and their investors (139 investors from 29 different countries and 99 cities). It shows their investors as of the beginning of 2015 (excluding individual angel investors), as well as 271 other startup companies that also link to these investors.

This app allows you to explore existing ties among startups and investors, and to manipulate the visualizations using different attributes, such as investor type, the investor’s country and location. Further, by selecting entities in the legend, you can specify own portfolios of startups and/or investors to assess common investment or investor ties. The app provides valuable insights for investment decision-making, ranging from identifying new investments and performing due diligence to exiting companies, as well as for weighing portfolio positions and engaging with companies in relation to corporate governance issues.

As this app represents only a fraction of SONEAN’s data and capabilities, see also our latest paper for more information on the role of social network analysis in startup investments.

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